Clemson football, Dabo Swinney take it on chin at Duke

The 2023 Clemson football season isn't over yet, but it looked like it was over on Saturday night.

How Clemson and mentor Debo Swinney can pull it off in Week 1 will be determined. All of a sudden, ya to win this school football season, don't take it.

Clemson showed the whole package in its stunning 28-7 loss to Duke - fumbled tackles, blocked field goals, red-zone mistakes.

Clemson's offense looked like they were in a fog.

Swinney praised Klubnik's poise and his ability to recover from unfortunate mistakes and bad spots.

Longest pass game against Clemson's Blue Angels was 21 yards.

Klubnik was caught once, but not ejected many times.

With the game, it felt like we were watching the highlights of the last two seasons