Dog birthday celebration ideas at home

Pupcake Party: Make special dog cupcakes with safe ingredients like peanut butter, bananas, and carrots

Birthday Balloons: Decorate your home with dog-themed balloons, but keep them away from your dog.

Gift Opening: Wrap up new toys or treats and let your dog open them as a fun surprise.

Pet-Friendly Cake: Bake or buy a cake that's safe for dogs to eat, like one made with sweet potatoes and applesauce.

Doggy Playdate: Invite your dog's friends over to play, but make sure they get along and watch over them

Birthday Photoshoot: Take cute pictures of your dog in costumes or with props.

Dog-Friendly Games: Play games like fetch or hide and seek with treats.

Dog-Friendly Movie Night: Create a comfy spot to watch a dog or nature movie together.

DIY Dog Bandanas: Make personalized bandanas for your dog and their friends with markers or transfers.

Donations to Animal Shelter: Give to a shelter or rescue group as a way to celebrate your dog's birthday and help other animals in need.